We are a new company in the esports space. We host online tournaments, provide content, and help build communities with the same passion for gaming. Our goal is to create a place where the community feels at one with LFTG. Live For The Game means exactly that. We live for what we do, and always look to improve the space we are in. 


Alexander (REFRESH)




I grew up playing Halo, Call of Duty, and Melee. My life has revolved around esports before the word esport was used. My goal is to pour all my passion in to an org that will help the community, and players involved in it. 




Partner/Lead Design


Graduated from ITT tech Murray, Utah 2008 in MultiMedia. Current work can be seen at SCAVENGERofAutumn.tumblr.com


CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

A Utah native, I grew up enjoying snowboarding and video gaming with friends and family. Today, I am passionate about the positive impacts and importance of the Esports industry on people of all ages. As acting CEO of 2 companies in the Real Estate and Hospitality industries I bring the experience and know-how to LFTG to positively impact the esports gaming industry with opportunities to grow together as a community.